"Lunchtime" (or anytime!) Skin Rejuvenation Services

These quick, but effective and efficient, services are the perfect pick-me-up and  maintenance routine for in-between your longer Skin Care Services and Series! You don't have to change your clothes, remove your eye makeup, or plan for more than 35 minutes!

Refresh & Revive | $75 ~ This 35 minute service is the perfect pick-me-up for skin looking a little dull & dehydrated.  An exfoliating power-cleanse, customized peel, and ultrasound infusion of a powerful serum - all customized for your skin - will leave you glowing, hydrated, and ready to return to work or face a night on the town!  
Heal and Glow | $75 ~ This 35 min services will help heal the scaring left behind by breakouts, speed the healing process, and target bacteria hiding under the surface.  A bacteria-killing exfoliating cleanse, salicylic acid serum with High Frequency Treatment, and Charcoal mask will leave skin calmed, glowing, and with a reduction of redness and inflammation.
Nap & Glow | $55 or series of 6 |$275 ~ This 25 min express service will still leave time to pick up lunch on your way back to the office!  Power Cleanse, Peel, & Mask while you power-nap.