Advanced Skin Care Offerings

OxyGeneO Superfacial

The OxyGeneO Superficial  provides the most advanced facial technology available to estheticians. It offers exfoliation comparable to microdermabrasion (but much less irritating to the skin), proprietary oxygenating technology unlike anything available on the market, and ultrasound infusion like that used by dermatologists, physical therapists, and doctors to heal damaged skin at the cellular level. 
How OxyGeneO works
The first step of the OxyGeneO treatment is exfoliation and oxygen infusion.  This Is achieved with a physical exfoliation using an abrasive head that not only loosens and removes dead skin cells but also activates the natural oxygenating process within the skin by creating a reaction at the surface that produces CO2 (carbon dioxide) bubbles.  An amazing process begins within the deeper layers of our skin when the surface layer is exposed to concentrated levels of CO2.  The scientific term is the Bohr Effect - a physiological phenomenon stating that haemoglobin's oxygen binding affinity is related to acidity (provided by the product placed on the skin during the treatment) and to the concentration of CO2 (created by the reaction between the capsugen head and the product on the skin).  In terms of your skin and the effects of this facial, this means that the little CO2 bubbles that you see and feel during this phase of the treatment cause your own skin to send oxygen-rich blood to the treated area.  This natural oxygenation results in an increase of capillary blood flow and metabolism of essential skin nutrients in the skin helping to stimulate collagen production to decrease fine lines, plump sagging skin and increase radiance, tone and texture!  In addition, the CO2 bubbles also transport all the great ingredients found in the treatment products into the deeper layers of the skin so they can work more effectively to hydrate, stimulate healing, and infuse nutrients and antioxidants into the skin. These increased oxygen levels in the skin remain for 7 full days to continue this rejuvenating process long after the treatment is over.

The next step in the OxyGeneO treatment is a customized peel.  Because the last step removed all dead surface cells with a physical exfoliation, the skin is prepped and ready to receive a deeper chemical exfoliation using either a mandelic/salicylic acid, glycol acid, or lactic acid.  These effective, yet gentle peels will not only leave skin smooth, glowing and dewy, they will also stimulate cell renewal for weeks to come, target pigmentation in the skin, and speed up the healing process of any imperfections at the surface

Next, a customized serum to target your specific skin goal - healing breakouts, smoothing fine lines and plumping, fading pigmentation, calming redness, or skin hydration - will be applied and  I will offer my signature facial massage that combines relaxation techniques, lymphatic drainage, lifting massage, and acupressure.  Finally a conducting and hydrating gel mask will be applied and a powerful Ultrasound wand will be run over the skin to improve absorption of active ingredients, improve cellular metabolism, increase circulation, improve moisture retention, reduce appearance of pores, relieve puffiness, and polish complextion.  This type of Ultrasound has been used by doctors, physical therapists, and dermatologists for years to help heal injuries, repair skin damaged by burns, laser treatments, and to help speed up the healing process. 
You will leave with skin that has improved tone, texture, radiance, and firmness with a marked improvement in dark spots, fine lines and sagging areas.
Because of the increase in oxygen, the infusion of active ingredients, and the stimulation of cell turnover and collagen production your skin will continue to improve over the next 7-10 days!!  A single treatment will give amazing results, however a series of 6 services done over the course of 6-8 weeks (ideal spacing between treatments is 7-10 days) will provide more dramatic, fully realized results. Check out the before and after pictures to see what can be achieved.  These changes can be maintained and improved upon even more with good at-home care and maintenance treatments done every 6-8 weeks.
After finishing advanced esthetics training with DermaMed, I am proud to be one of the first Estheticians in New England to offer this advanced skin care service that will provide my clients with truly amazing results! I am offering some limited, discounted, pre-launch specials to my clients to guarantee you the first opportunity to take advantage of these introductory rates and priority booking. Services and series can be purchased though my website ~ ~ or by calling me directly at 401-400-9776.

OxyGeneO SuperFacial offerings at Breathing Space:

OxyGeneO SuperFacial - $200
Customized cleanse, OxyGeneO Exfoliation and Infusion, Customized Peel, Ultrasound Serum Infusion & Signature Facial Massage.

Series of 6 ~ $1000 (1 FREE)  ~ Series of 3 - $550 (1 at $50 OFF)
**series should be pre-booked with services done every 7-10 days

Deluxe OxyGeneO SuperFacial - $230
Customized Cleanse, OxyGeneO Exfoliations and Infusion, Customized Peel, Extractions, Ultrasound Serum Infusion, Signature Facial Massage, Customized Mask, & Relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Series of 3 Deluxe Treatments & 3 Regular OxyGeneO Treatments ~$1,075 (savings of $215)
**series should be pre-booked with services done every 7-10 days ~ alternating regular and deluxe

OxyGeneO Add-on -  $35/per area (hands or decollate)
Series of 6 Add-on areas ~ $175


Dermalogica BioActive Peel...single treatment $105...series of 6 $525

Experience the power of BioActive Peel, a powerful new skin resurfacing system!  It reduces acne, pigmentation, and signs of aging to reveal smoother, brighter & softer skin.  Chemical Peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services today because they can improve the quality, texture, and color of skin.  However, Chemical Peels offered at Dermatologist's offices can cause sever side effects like inflammation, discoloration and scarring for up to several months.  But with BioActive Peel, you can get the same powerful results without the associated risks or downtime.  In fact, your skin will look and feel healthier than ever!

How does it work?

BioActive Peel is designed to work with the skin's chemistry, not against it.  Only preformed by a certified BioPeel Therapist, it safely removes dull outer layers of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate faster for a smooth, radiant complexion.  

What can I expect?

Your skin condition, skin concerns, and dedication to post-treatment care will impact the frequency and results of BioActive Peel treatments.  Clients typically notice dramatically improved skin quality, texture, and tone within 3 treatments.  Ideally, a series of 6 treatments are performed every 2-3 weeks, followed by a maintenance treatment twice a year.

Post Treatment Care...

I recommend every client use the BioActive Post Treatment Skin kit.  Included are trial sizes of UltraCalming Cleanser, Super-Sensitive Spf 30, Thermofoliant, Intensive Moisture Balance, and Barrier Repair.  I provide a FREE kit to anyone purchasing the series and sell the kit at wholesale cost to anyone having a single treatment.  Specific instructions will be given at the time of treatment.